Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Little Brother

The colourful dresses of the new bride and groom that arrived at the temple caught her eyes. Picking up her younger brother holding him tight over her back she ran towards the temple gate.
As she ran past me I smiled at her and lifted my camera, she stopped for a second and smiled for the picture, and continued her run to watch the people entering the temple.
I called after her hoping to talk to her but in vain was my shouts that couldn't force her to turn back to me.

I stood there watching her, she made her way past the people to take a look at the bride, the beautifully dressed bride and the handsome groom walked past her, she smiled but their eyes would not look down upon her. She stood there watching all the guests walk past her, I couldn't help but wonder what fascinated her in a normal wedding gathering that a girl of her age had witnessed on several occasions.

As I watched her closely it hit me, I smiled as I watched her one hand hold her brother tight and the other explain the gathering to him. I smiled as I watched her introduce the world to her little brother.