Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bangalore Metro

After a dear friend of mine in the blogging world requested for pictures of the Bangalore Metro I went to ride the Metro. When I reached the station I realised that due to the recent suicide incident involving a young boy in the Metro Station the guards had become very strict inside the train and in the station. Hiding my from line of sight I managed to snap a couple of pictures from the Metro train.


  1. I like, I like. Nice pictures, Harsha. Dhanyavadagalu. :) The Metro looks so cool. So it's not crowded,eh? The station in pic 3 is the one in Byappannahalli or MG Road?

    What? there's been a suicide? Gosh!
    I'm glad your camera was not confiscated.

  2. @Abhinav: Thanks :)
    @D.Nambiar: Thanks :) It is not crowded but it is not empty either, I rode the Metro on a weekday afternoon so it was full. The station in pic 3 is MG Road station. Yes a 14 year old boy threw himself over the tracks in a station, very sad. I will go back again after 2-3 months I am sure the guards would have gotten tired of taking care. Glad you liked the pics :)